Canada’s Wireless Policy

Today, Canadians depend on reliable wireless services more than ever before to communicate with their loved ones, to conduct their business and to meet their everyday needs. Our government has made, and will continue to make, policy decisions in the wireless sector with a very clear goal: more choice, lower prices and better service for Canadian consumers in my riding of Whitby – Oshawa as well as across the country.

Because of decisions our government has made, prices in the wireless sector have fallen by nearly 20 percent since 2008.

On February 19, our government announced the results of the 700MHz spectrum auction. The 700 MHz band is the highest-quality spectrum ever auctioned. It travels longer distances, requires fewer cell towers and penetrates through building walls, elevators and even underground parking lots.

Canadian consumers are the clear winners of the auction. Eight companies bid a total of $5.27 billion for spectrum. This revenue will be returned to taxpayers and reinvested in priorities that matter to Canadians. Results of the auction enable at least four wireless players in every region of the country, delivering on our government’s commitment to encourage more competition. Companies will be able to use these high-quality airwaves to serve customers In Whitby –Oshawa and across Canada with dependable, high-speed wireless services on the latest technologies. 

The success of this auction is not a coincidence. The auction was a success because the rules were designed to put consumers front and centre. With yesterday’s results, it’s clear we made the right decisions.

Canadians have been clear that they want more choice, lower prices and better service in our wireless industry. With the 700 MHz auction, we’re delivering on our commitment to consumers to encourage more competition in the wireless industry. Going forward, our government will continue to pursue wireless policies that put the interests of Canadian consumers first.